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Storage Solutions Birmingham

MPC Systems LTD supply a wide range of storage solutions in Birmingham, Worcester and surrounding areas.

Our service starts with a free visit to your location, we will assess your requirements and carry out a detailed survey. The resulting design will give you the maximum storage solution available.

Delivery and installation is carried out by our team of highly experienced fitters, who work with the sensitivity and understanding that your business should experience as little disruption as possible whilst they are on site.

Call our team today on 01905 759635 to see how we can make your space work better for you.

Storage Solutions Worcester

Are you looking for storage solutions in Worcester to optimise your facility? We can help. Simple shelving and floor-to-ceiling racking maximises the storage capacity of your building. 

We work alongside you to discover the most efficient solution for your business. Providing as much support as you need. 

For guaranteed fast installation, sturdy surfaces and longevity, choose storage solutions in Worcester with MPC Systems LTD.

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What is the difference between shelving and racking?

Shelving typically consists of individual shelves for storage, often with open access, while racking involves a framework of vertical uprights and horizontal beams to create storage levels. Racking is often used for heavier loads and bulk storage.

What are common types of shelving solutions?

  • Adjustable Shelving: Shelves that can be easily repositioned to accommodate different-sized items
  • Cantilever Shelving: Shelves with extended arms, suitable for long or irregularly shaped items
  • Mobile Shelving: Shelves mounted on tracks or carriages, enabling compact storage with movable aisles

How do racking solutions differ from shelving in terms of load capacity?

Racking solutions are designed for heavier loads and bulk items. The structural design of racks, with vertical uprights and horizontal beams, provides better support for goods that come on pallets.

What factors should be considered when choosing a shelving or racking solution?

  • Load Capacity: Ensure the solution can support the weight and dimensions of your items
  • Accessibility: Evaluate how easily items can be accessed for picking and restocking
  • Space Utilisation: Optimise vertical space to maximise storage capacity

What are the Specific Weight Capacities for Different Types of Shelving and Racking Systems?

It is difficult to determine the specific weight capacities because of its many factors, including:

  • What the shelf or rack is being used for
  • The height and size of the shelf or rack
  • Whether it requires structural support
  • The building’s floor material

Please refer to the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Warehousing and Storage guide for specific regulations and limitations.

Can Shelving and Racking be Easily Reconfigured or Expanded?

Yes, our bespoke storage solutions can be easily reconfigured or expanded providing you have the space to do so. Please note, we may require the original documentation.

What Maintenance is Recommended?

Regular maintenance is required depending on the type of storage and its material, like any other storage solution. However, we recommend dusting away the debris, and using a household cleaner or vinegar mixture every month. It may also be necessary to lubricate the moving systems to reduce corrosion and improve its lifespan.

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