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Mezzanine Floors

We provide multi-tier mezzanine floors for storage, office, retail and warehouse facilities, suitable for heavy loads and workspaces. Our mezzanines can be integrated with our shelving, racking and storage systems, including material, finish and colour-matching. Contact us to utilise your empty ceiling space using mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine Accessories

No mezzanine floor is complete without safety and accessibility features. This includes fire-rated structures, stairs with railings, opening gates for load transportation and lifts. We ensure your mezzanine floor adheres to the Building Regulations 2010 while keeping the aesthetics of your building. Contact us when planning your mezzanine accessories.

Office Partitions

Is your open-plan office too loud? Invest in office partitions, including a free design service and a fast turnaround. Reducing noise transmission creates a more productive space for your employees. In addition, we can separate departments where necessary, create new workspaces and meeting rooms, and storage facilities. Contact us to start your project.

Office Re-design & Installation

If your office is looking a little bland or unorganised, optimise your space with our re-design and installation service. We will provide you with a free floor plan design, including furniture, partitions, suspended ceilings and storage solutions. Optimise your space and invest in a full-brand transformation by contacting MPC Systems.

Suspended Ceilings

Hide messy wires and pipework with our suspended ceilings, suitable for warehouses, offices, kitchens, commercial settings and more. They are also excellent for soundproofing, resisting moisture and providing extra fire protection, but create an appealing room overall. If your property can benefit from suspended ceilings, contact MPC Systems.

Racking & Storage Solutions

We deliver diverse storage solutions for warehouses, office, retail and production facilities. First, we will provide a free assessment of your property and organisational needs, then design a bespoke structure. Some of our previous projects include adjustable, cantilever and mobile storage. Contact us to enhance your space with sturdy, efficient storage solutions.

Pallet Loading Gates

Pallet loading gates are crucial for transporting heavy loads between floor levels. Our gates are fit with barriers across the entire perimeter, ensuring a safe working environment. We can provide a free design service to match your existing structures, including materials, finishes and colours. Contact MPC Systems for your own pallet loading gates.


Is your lavatory outdated, too small or just extremely plain? Revamp your sinks and toilets, including accessibility rails and controlled water pressure. Additionally, you may be unaware of the standards surrounding workplace bathrooms, making an update mandatory. Comply with regulations and ensure a safe lavatory when you contact us.

Industrial Partitions

Keep important files secure, reduce machine noise and banish harmful chemicals with industrial partitions. We can produce single skin, double skin and mesh partitioning for a variety of industrial and factory environments. Our partitions also provide private rooms, set workspaces and extra storage facilities. Contact us to get your bespoke industrial partitions.

Aluminium Frame Partitions

Partake in a sustainable structure when you invest in aluminium frame partitions. Aluminium is extremely malleable and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for tricky partitions. The material is also resistant to corrosion and has excellent thermal insulation, providing a warm environment. If aluminium frame partitions are for you, contact MPC Systems.